An upcoming event focused on the Master of Science in Cyber Security Course is something we are delighted to promote. For the students who are really interested in the career of cybersecurity, they will get a chance to learn more in depth about it and also interact with the professionals at the event.

About this event:
An expert panel discussion on the status of cyber security, new dangers, and the abilities and knowledge required to excel in this profession will also be part of the event. Participants will get the chance to converse with these professionals and ask them questions.

Course Description:

PGP Cyber Security Programme Introduction

Cybersecurity: What is it?

Understanding Cybersecurity

Why is there a rise in cybercrime?

What effects does cybercrime have?

How can your business be protected against cybercrime?

Examples of the harm that cyberattacks and data breaches have caused businesses

Are you at risk for a data breach at your company?

Who can attend?

Those who are interested in the career of cybersecurity are welcome to attend this event, regardless of their degree status, whether they are current-year graduates, working professionals, or those who want to switch their career.We ask those who are interested to confirm their attendance earlier in order to secure their place.

We’re excited to see you at the Master of Science in Cyber Security. However, catering to the demands of busy professionals, our Online training may affected for some time due to busy schedule or technical problem so classes may be delay for 10-15 minutes. Kindly reach us at for more assistance.


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